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Not Your Typical Sports Bar

The Tin Lizzie is Lincoln Park's hottest alternative sports bar. It's a great place to start early to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, especially for HDTV sports events or after the Cubs games, and things definitely heat up late at night with the best music and the coolest crowd.

Upcoming Schedules







10/21 vs. Canadiens 6:30pm
10/23 vs. Penguins 6:30pm
10/25 vs. Flyers 6pm
10/29 vs. Capitals 6:30pm


Oct 18 vs. Indiana 2:30pm
Oct 25 vs. U of M 2:30pm
Nov 8 vs. OSU 7pm
Nov 15 vs. Maryland 7pm









    • OCT 12 at  Noon
       OCT 19    Noon
      OCT 26  (London) 8:30am



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